Unleash your iPhone’s hidden photography secrets with these 7 cool tricks!

    This pocket-sized book reveals 7 incredible tricks for unlocking the secret features of your iPhone camera, taking you to a higher level of photographic expertise. The next time someone tells you that your iPhone is just a phone, share these simple tips and remind them otherwise! By learning these tricks, you can unlock hidden power of your iPhone’s camera and take photos your friends are going to adore!

    These tips will impress, whether you are a novice or an experienced photography enthusiast. Portrait Mode is ideal for capturing beautiful depth-of-field effects in portrait photography while allowing easy shooting of breathtaking time-lapses that make your memories live forever. Discover more about Long Exposure for taking blurry photos, and Pano mode that makes stunning panoramas pictures. Oh yeah and there is also the HDR mode, which makes it possible for one to take a photo and have more colors and detail in it.

    However, this feature is not confined to just one platform: your iPhone comes with robust editing tools already pre-installed on the Photos app! Simply tap-to-enhance your snaps, add creative filter effects, and fine-tune exposure, contrast, saturation or more in one shot. So why wait? Get Your iPhone Photoshoot Ready – Now!

    Portrait Mode

    Unleash the Power of Portrait Mode: A Photography Revolution. Capturing shots with a creamy bokeh look in focus, giving your main subjects an edge over everything else. If you want to take a photo of your beloved person or marvelous flowers in a way that looks like it belongs to Vogue, try using Portrait Mode and receive a masterpiece.

    Portrait Mode provides stunning bokeh using advanced algorithms to keep the subject sharp while the background is blurred out. Its unique ability to convert ordinary images into eye-catching masterpiece shots makes it excellent for taking photographs that capture reality at its best.

    Turn on portrait mode by opening the iPhone’s camera app, and then swiping through to portrait mode. Place your subject inside the frame, and see iPhone at play. Try varying the quality of light at different positions and angles.

    Portrait Mode allows for complete freedom of expression in photo shooting and provides a fabulous opportunity to take amazing pictures that will certainly surprise your friends and relatives. So, why wait? Try out Portrait Mode, and add the ‘Wow’ effect to your pictures.

    Long Exposure

    Unlock The Power Of Your iPhone’s Long Exposure Feature And Take Your Photography Skills To The Next Level. Using long exposure, you will create enchanting motions blurs that make every photo special piece of art.

    With Long Exposure, you can take incredible pictures of moving water with streaky tails of light as in the case of cityscapes with flickering neon. It’s like stopping time, and trapping the soul of motion in one shot.

    In order to access this feature, please open your iPhone’s camera application and go to the “Long Exposure” mode. Next, locate a moving scene and get assistance from a camera stand or a stable place where you can rest your cell phone. Press the shutter button, Long exposur will take it over.

    Fasten your seat belts, as you are going to stun your friends and subscribers by photography of movement excellence. One of the numerous untold stories in iPhone Photography is simply called “Long Exposure”.


    Ready to Take Your iPhone Photography Up a Notch? Get ready, then, for the incredible iPhone Time-Lapse! Using such feature will help you produce amazing videos that can compress several hour into few second on a passage time.

    What if you could freeze a dramatic sunset into three glorious seconds, or seize that frenzied city street into three heart-stopping shots? You certainly can with Time-lapse mode. With time-lapse mode, compressed time is used to produce enthralling videos that could be made out of cloud’s movement, flowering of different colored flowers and even busy scenes of a building site.

    Time-lapse mode is simple for use. Just go to the Time-lapse mode in your iPhone’s camera app and press the record button by swiping to the right. Next, seek out steady ground to set your iPhone down onto or buy a tripod for more secure shots. Record what you see until you are ready to stop. Tap on the record button once you finish.

    You have now captured your Time-lapse video; you could then send it to friends and relatives on display of your artistic ability. So why wait? Master Time-lapse mode on your iphone now!

    Pano Mode

    Do you know that there is a hidden gem in your iPhone’s camera for capturing stunning panoramic shots? This enables you to effectively capture the whole grandeur of great landscapes ranging from magnificent mountain ranges to a perfect beach sunset.

    In order to take a Pano mode photo, open your camera app and slide it till Pano appears. After selecting it, press the on screen instructions that guide you capture a panoramic photo. Swipe your iPhone from left to right towards the guide arrow or in the opposite direction. Panoramic photos will be generated from many captured pictures that the camera shall be able to stich for you.

    The panorama or Pano mode allows for creating the perfect wide angle photographs highlighting the majesty of the environment. This would be perfect for landscape, urban photography and including every member in a group photo. Thus, let’s unlock the power of Pano mode and take amazing panoramic photos, which will get your friends and relatives breathless!

    HDR Mode

    Take Control of Using HDR Mode – learn how to take pictures that have numerous colors and shades of detail, mostly when taking photographs in highly contrasting environments.

    The ‘HDR’ or High Dynamic Range can give your photographs professional look through your iPhone. With this, you can take vivid photographs of great colors and detail in adverse lighting situations.

    On your iOS, when you turn on HDR, it captures several images of different exposure levels and merges them as one picture. It leads to a colorful image with much enhanced detail rendering a very lively picture compared to an original one.

    The use of HDR mode offers an advantage of high contrasts scenes capturing. Using the HDR mode allows for proper exposure of both bright and dark parts within a single image frame when contrast is high. As a result, there is no risk of seeing bleached highlights or darkened shadows.

    In order to turn your phone or mobile device, in this case for example an iPhone, into a high dynamic range camera, open its native camera app and hit the HDR button. It usually lies at the bottom side of the screen. Enable the feature and you’ll see that your iPhone would naturally take HDR shots for scenes calling for this.

    Hence, no matter you are trying to preserve bright colors in an image of a sunset or an amazing landscape with details, there is HDR mode for that. Try it out and you’ll be amazed at how much impact this would have on photographs.

    Live Photos

    There’s a great thing called live photos that can do for you more then just make a pic on your phone. Live Photos captures videos before and after a photograph is taken by iPhone, therefore bringing life into the images with motion and sound effects. This is like having a little movie inside of your photo album!

    Using Live Photos is simple. To do this, simply open your camera app and hit Live Photos on top of the screen. It also records a short video clip and some sound when you snap a shot using your iPhone. Press and hold on the image to view a Live Photo.

    The ‘Live Photos’ are ideal for moments which transcend one frame and are extremely special. Whether in your child’s very first steps, breathtaking sunsets or incredible moments of friendship, Live Photos give another meaning to your memories. Your photos are brought to life by movement and sound which makes moments real again.

    Editing Tools

    Editing Tools

    Unlock Your Creativity with the Powerful Editing Tools Inside Your iPhone’s Photos App. In fact, with just a few taps your pictures will become unimaginably attractive.

    Another important feature is a variety of innovative filters helping to transform photographs within an instant. If you want to give a retro look, enhance the colors or do both, there are many opportunities for you to demonstrate your personal touch with the help of these filters.

    But it doesn’t stop there. With these tools, you can finetune your exposure, contrast, saturation and many others variables with great precision. To make your image really fascinating, refine each feature in your picture by finding the right balance.

    Also be able to enhance your photos using advanced functions such as crop, straighten and rotate. With a retouching tool, you can undo a mistake, erase unfamiliar objects or defects and add perfectness on your photos offering high-quality photography result.

    These editing tools are available so with them at your fingertips you possess the ability to turn average photographs into superior photographic masterpieces. Therefore, give yourself a green light! Express your artistry in just a few clicks!


    Find stunning Creative filters that will give you an opportunity to reveal yourself through your photographs.

    Filters can make your photos enchanting! Filters may be used if you desire to improve colours, create an old-fashioned look or any other dramatic affect; they can get your image where you want it in terms of appearance.

    Using the filters that come preinstalled in your iPhone allows for easy tweaking of your style and atmosphere. For whatever mood you might be in, there’s a filter suited to it, ranging among being vivacious and lively or delicate and dreamy

    Just open up your Photos application, choose the picture you intend to modify and press onEdit. Next, click on to the “Filters” tab and go through the alternatives in this category. Amazingly, the introduction of just one filter will revolutionize an image in this manner.

    Try some interesting blends and mixes, don’t hesitate! Create a personalized touch with your photo style by mixing and matching the filters.

    Keep it mind that filters are one in many tools for your photography. Be smart with it and let your innovativeness come out!


    Taking great photographs does not only mean catching that one perfect shot; there is a need to make sure those shots actually pop! Using your iPhone’s native editing tools, you can fine-tune your images by altering brightness/exposure, contrast, saturation, and other parameters. Shall we plunge into the world of manipulations with images and acquire professional photography skills?

    You can regulate the brightness of your photograph using exposure adjustment. With exposure, whether it is for enhancing the darkness of under exposed scenes or suppressing the over exposed one, you will have no problem adjusting this feature according to what you desire. With contrast adjustment, you can make pictures more appealing adding depth and fullness with highlighted contrast of brightness to darkness. You can bring up clarity by enhancing the contrast and develop an amazing photo.

    For adding or decreasing the brightness of colors, saturation adjustment is ideal for your photographs. You’ll reach for the saturation adjustment in order to bring the beautiful reds in the shadows and to create that warm muted vintage look.
    But that’s not all! There are various features within the editing tools that you can use in order to adjust others parts of your pictures like high light, shadow and the sharpness of the picture taken by you iPhone. You can adjust these settings for better results with only some taps.

    Hence, do not hesitate to try some changes. Try changing certain settings, you will notice that it changes the way your photos are. In time, you will find yourself tweaking your images just right making them sparkle.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: How to Turn on iPhone Camera Portrait Mode.
    A: To activate portrait mode, open the camera app on your iPhone and slide button towards right to allow display of a portrait button. Smack that and janet your subject matter. The camera will automatically blur the background for that deep-focus shot that looks professional.

    Q: That is how my iPhone captures the motion blur doesn’t it!
    A: Yes, you can! Long Exposure enables you to take amazing motion blurred photos. Simply open your camera app, swipe right until you see “Long Exposure.” Then, situate your iPhone on a tripod or set it upon something stable. Then, capture moving objects like light trails or running water to get amazing pictures.

    Q: How to Make a Time Lapse Video Using an iPhone Camera.
    A: Launch your camera app and swipe to the right for ‘Time-lapse’. Simply find a frame for your shot, push the record button. The tool on your iPhone keeps taking pictures over time and produces a time-lapse video compressing hours or days into seconds.

    Q: How should I shoot panorama with my iPhone?
    A: Pano mode for beautiful panoramic shots. Take-out your camera; swipe right for the “Pano” mode and follow the on-screen guide shoot. Panorama. Panorama. Panorama! Smile and slide your iPhone over the scenery. Also comes in the picture-stitching.

    Q: How to Use HDR Mode.
    A: Sensitive to any changes in light when shooting images from different system under such cases thanks which high-quality photos with intensified contrast resolution can be acquired. On your phone, open the camera application; go to top section active ‘HDR’, then “ON”. This lets your iPhone take a number of photos that are later merged producing an image with a broader colour range and exposing finer details.

    Q: Live Photos tramsforms my pictures into living memories.
    A: Live Photos makes your pictures now more 3D. To do this, just open your camera app and tap on the Live Photos icon (circles within circles) at the top. But if you take a photo it should also take some seconds of video and audio. Live photo viewing feature is activated by pressing and holding on an image.

    Q: Essential Photo Editing Tools on iPhone Photos App.
    A: The Photos app in your iPhone contains efficient editing tools that can enable you to add colors and other effects. To start click the icon of the App, click on a photo and press Edit. Here you’ll have many variations such as cropping the image, changing the exposure of image, saturation and contrast. With this tools, you can really get the best out of your photographs.

    Q: What if I put my iPhone photos in arty frames?
    A: Absolutely! Photos app gives the opportunity to modify photos using various artistic filters that change their look. To edit it in the app, select a photo from gallery and touch “Edit” at the bottom symbolized by three circles. Use various filter options to make your photos more personal.

    Q: What are Some Right Methods of Editiing iPhone Photos?
    A: Go to the Photos app, locate a particular image you desire and click “Edit”. Beneath this is an icon that resembles a dial at the top of the page. These are simply sliders that help to adjust the exposure, contrast and saturation etc. Bring your pictures to life through these changes.

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